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Diet as well as Dental Decay

At Bondi Junction Dental Clinic, we consider ourselves as diet sleuths, since we can usually see exactly how diet could add to dental problems, which consist of decay as well as disintegration of teeth.

Each time we consume alcohol, sugars touch the teeth and also assist plaque acids to affix to the tooth surface areas. The more constant our habits are we need to treat the teeth even more times as plaque acid has a possibility to pass through to create tooth decay.

Did you know that Australians drink roughly $1.6 billion annually in sodas? The Australian Bureau of Statistics, recommend that the consumption of sodas in Australia has actually proliferated in the previous 30 years from around 47.3 L each year in 1969 to 113 L each (grownups as well as kids) in 2012. Sodas, along with fruit juices, are accountable for the rise of sugar in the diet and associated with the growth of dental caries.

Not just does a container of soda consist of as high as 11 tsps of sugar, it likewise includes phosphoric acid and also citric acid. These acids could long-term damages teeth by a procedure called “disintegration”.

At Bondi Junction Dental Clinic, we are very concerned with the avoidance of decay as well as disintegration. Right here are some points that we suggest that you could do to stop such issues:

  • Limitation of fruit juices and sodas – milk and water is a much better choice.
  • Consume alcohol and drink a lot of water between as well as throughout dinner.
  • Prevent drinking sweetened beverages over an extended period of time.
  • When snacking eat nourishing foods and minimise snacking in between major dishes.
  • Eating sugar cost-free gum after a dish could aid in reducing your danger of dental decay.

Wines, spirits as well as beers can be extremely acidic. Consuming alcohol acidic drinks throughout meal times decrease the possibility for acid to harm the teeth in contrast to without dishes.

It might produce a completely dry mouth if you are taking medicines. See our updates on dry mouth for even more information.

Brush teeth two times a day with fluoridated tooth paste, floss everyday and also have 6 regular monthly dental check ups.

At your dental check up, we could additionally suggest items to minimise the loss of minerals as a result of acid assault on the teeth. This consists of items such as “Tooth Mousse”, high fluoride and also “ClinPro” pastes.

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