Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solid, long lasting, all-natural looking tooth substitute. They are completely installed right into the jaw to fix and replace missing or harmed teeth and unlike dentures, avoid contraction of the jaw bone and also face, while recovering complete eating capacity.

Just what are Dental Implants?

For some people with dental and gum conditions, elimination of bad teeth and replacing them with dental implants could free the mouth of dental conditions while bringing back complete aesthetic features and looks. An ample jaw bone is needed to act as a protected base for the positioning and implementation of dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Different to Dentures

dental implantsBondi Junction Dental Clinic aids patients in discovering dental implants as an approach for changing and also safeguarding teeth, and also as an option to dentures.

Our dental restorations and dental implant dentistry gives IV sedation or rest dentistry for the convenience of patients throughout the dento-alveolar surgical procedure. Treatments such as solitary teeth substitute could additionally be done under anaesthetic depending upon patient choice.

Evaluation, medical diagnosis and also preparation

Therapy referrals regarding choices as well as expenses are supplied at this phase. Patients ought to be mindful that all medical treatments have some element of risk and prior to beginning any type of suggested dental therapy, patients could choose to look for a second point of view.

Surgical treatment

When you are comfortable to proceed with a suggested treatment, the first phase of placing dental implants is embarked on. The surgical procedure could usually be done in one phase, yet some situations might call for a two phase surgical procedure where the implants are at first left immersed under the gum and treatment completed at a future date.


Frequently, dental implants will be left for a duration of 3 to 5 months for a procedure called ‘osseointegration’, vital for producing a protected base for your brand-new teeth.

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